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The Names:

Ruby Vazquez (Richard Burse)
Thomas Ashe (Constance Chavez)

Peter Ward (Cornelia Pyles)
Virginia Rodriguez (Judy Grist)
Benjamin Carlson (Patricia Steward)

The Details:
The motley determined that the feather that they had traded their memories for was able to erase everyone’s memories of a single person.

Before losing their memories, the motley had been investigating a series of murders, The crimes were all excessively brutal, and the list of names they located corresponds to the victims, and people associated with them. The murders appear very similar to a pair of crimes that took place in the 1940s in LA.

Other details that I hadn’t mentioned: No one saw the victims for the three days and nights before their bodies were found. All of the bodies were found after an anonymous call to the police just before dawn. Each of the victims were murdered in their own homes.

Main Page

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